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    U.S. Nationwide Public Record Searches:
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 Alumni Database
American Marriages Before 1699  
 Appraisers (ARN)
 Appraisers (eZDesk)
 Architects (AIA)
 Architecture Firms (AIA)
 Arson & Explosions Statistics
 Aircraft Ownership & Pilot Registration
 Attorneys - Martindale Hubbell Directory
                    - Patent Attorneys and Agents
                     - West Legal Directory
 Automobiles - Lemon Check
 Autopsy Database
 Bankruptcies - Chapter 11
 Bankruptcy Clerks
 BBB Charity Reports
 Better Business Bureau
Big Yellow Homepage (Phone Listings)
 Business Credit Reports
 Campaign Contributions
 Campaign Contributions Databases
 CDC - Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database
 CDC - "WONDER" Databases Mortality, cancer incidence, AIDS, etc. data sets.
 Census - Information
 Census - Tract Street Locator
               - Consolidated Federal Funds
                - Factfinder
               - USA Counties
 Chamber of Commerce Directory (ChamberBiz)
 Chamber of Commerce Directory (ClickCity)
 Charitable Statistics
 City/County Database
 Coast Guard - Base Locations
             - Commercial Fisheries Vessels - by name
             - Commercial Fisheries Vessels - by ID
            - Detained Vessels
             - Port State Information Exchange
             - Vessel Registration
 Codes of Ordinances
 Colleges and Universities
 Companies Online
 Construction Professionals Bluebook
 Corporate Financials Online from 10KWizard
 County Codes & Ordinances
 County Codes by Keyword
 County Information
 Courtrules, Forms & Dockets (LLRX)
 Death Records from Social Security Administration
 Defaults on Health Education Loans
 Dentists - American Dental Association
         - Smilefinder


Election Administrative Resources
Elementary Schools
Environmental - CERCLIS
         - Chemical Accidents
         - Emergencey Response Notification System
         - EPA Civil Cases
         - EPA Regulated Facilities
         - Generated Waste
         - Hazardous Waste Handler Permits
         - Master Search
         - Surface Water Permits
         - Toxic Release Inventory
         - Toxix Substances Control Act Test Submissions
EPA - Children's Health & Safety Inventory of Research
         - Environmental Information Management System
         - Environmental Management and Assessment
         - Regional Vulnerability Assessment
         - Ultraviolet Monitoring 
         - Total Human Exposure Risk Database 
         - Watershed Database 
Excluded Parties List Service
Executive Compensation
FCC - Amateur Licenses by name or call sign
          - AM Station Query
          - Digital Index
          - Filed Comments
          - FM Station Query
          - ID# Search
          - Rules and Regulations
          - TV Station Query
          - Wireless Telecommunications Database
          - Word Search Tool
Federal Express
Free Stuff Top Sites
FDIC - Bank and Branch Locator
           - Bank Holding Company Locator
           - Banking Institutions Locator
           - Branch Office Locator
Federal Elections Commission
Female Ancestors Databases
Firestone Recall
Ford Dealerships
Funeral Homes
Geographic Names
Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
GPO Databases
Healthcare Y2K Compliance
High Schools
High Tech Company Database
Hoover's Online 
Hospital Directory 1
Hospital Directory 2
HUD Refunds


Inmate Locator Phone Numbers
INS - Employer Sanctions Database
Internet Investigations Toolbox
IRS - Bulletins
        - Tax Regulations
Journal Article Database from JAKE
Labor Organizations
Land Patents
Land Patents - Eastern States 1820-1908
Legal - Academia
            - Bankruptcy Code
            - Briefs
           - Child Support Guidelines
            - Citation Handbook
            - Dictionary - The 'Lectric Law Lexicon
            - Divorce Professionals
            - Ethics
            - Family Mediators
            - Federal Court Opinions
            - Federal Regulations
            - Fedlaw Legal Resources
            - Forms
            - Mediators
            - More Forms
            - Links to Lots More Forms
            - Government Documents
            - Law Library
            - Legal Topics Database & Law Knowledgebase
            - Law Lists Database
            - Municipal Codes 1
            - Municipal Codes 2
            - Software
            - Supreme Court Opinions
            - Supreme Court Orders
            - U.S. Code
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - First Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - First Circuit - PACER 
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Second Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Third Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Fourth Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Fifth Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Sixth Circuit - PACER 
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Seventh Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Eighth Circuit - PACER 
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Ninth Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Tenth Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Eleventh Circuit
            - U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit
            - U.S. Party/Case Index - PACER 
Library Databases
Licensed Occupation Information System
Lobbyists Database
Lost Dogs
LSU Libraries - US Federal Government Agency List


Mayors Database
Medical Library
Middle Schools
Military - Army Corps of Engineers Email
              - Army Personnel Locator (available only to .mil or .gov networks)
              - Army Reunions
              - Desert Storm Veterans Database
              - Marine Corps Bases
              - Military Locator Service  
              - Military - Pay Table
              - Military Records
              - Navy Bases
              - Navy Personnel Locator 
              - POW/MIA Records
              - U.S. Air Force Bases
              - U.S. Army Bases
              - Vietnam Casualties
              - Vietnam Helicopter Pilots/Crew KIA
              - Vietnam Veterans Database
              - World War I Draft Registration
Missing Children
Mortgage/Home Improvement Loans
Mortgages - Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
Mortgage Insurance - Private
Movie Ratings
NASD Stock Broker Registration
Nonprofit Organizations
Notaries - American Society of Notaries
Nursing Homes
Occupational Licenses
OSHA Inspections
Patents Database
Patent Trademark Employee Roster
Pension Search Directory
Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports from the BBB
Physicians - AMA Directory
              - Naturopathic
               - Specialty Certification
Police Information
Political Almanac
Process Servers


Qwest Dex Internet Yellow Pages
 Roller Coaster Database 
 Reporter Resources 
 Salary Database
 SBA - Property for Sale
 SBA - Small Business Investment Companies
 Securities and Exchange Commission Filings (EDGAR)
 SEC Filing Text Search
 State and Local Government on the Net
 Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
 Superfund Environmental Database
 Tax Assessors' Phone Numbers and Web Sites
 Town/County Database Interactive Search
 Trademarks Database
 Trademarks Database (new)
 Trucking - Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER)


Unclaimed Property
Vital Records Online 
Vital Records Resources (CDC)
Vital Records Resources
Zip Code Directory 1
Zip Code Directory 2

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